Find Fun and Adventure with Legend RPG

Ready to have fun as your favorite hero? Legend RPG invites you to a game world where you can play in any story, from the depths of space to ancient mystical lands and everything in between. Sign up today to get early access to our Kickstarter launch and exclusive updates. Adventure is just a click away!

    Legend RPG is for People Who Love Stories

    For Existing Tabletop RPG Players

    Are you a tabletop pro, always looking for that next-level gaming experience? We’ve got something special for you – Legend RPG, the game revolutionizing the game.

    For First Time Players

    Legend RPG is designed to ignite the imagination and captivate those who love stories. We provide a simple set of rules and incredible worlds to play in – worlds of fantasy, science fiction, superheroes, or modern action and adventure. Choose your favorite genre and let your imagination soar.


    Legend RPG is a tabletop role-playing game where you create a hero and play great adventures in your favorite genres. It combines storytelling, strategy, chance, and your heroic heart!

    To play, you’ll need the Legend RPG Playbook, hero sheets (to capture your unique hero), a set of dice (including different types), and a few friends. Oh, and bring your imagination – it’s gonna be a wild ride!

    In Legend RPG, the game board is your imagination. Unlike board games with strict paths and objectives, Legend RPG is limited by the stories you and your friends dream up. It’s a game of collaborative storytelling and roleplay. The outcomes depend on players’ choices and dice rolls.

    Nah! No special skills in acting or roleplaying are necessary.  Just be yourself, or, you know, be a version of yourself with like, superpowers or a sword. It’s all about having fun and rolling with it!

    Game sessions can vary, but a typical session of Legend RPG lasts a few hours. However, depending on the group’s preference, it can be shorter or longer. So, grab some snacks and have some laughs. It’s better than a movie!

    Hero creation involves selecting attributes, skills, abilities, and a backstory for your character. This process is guided by the Legend RPG Playbook, which provides various options and rules for hero design.

    Legend RPG is a party designed to be adaptable to various age groups and interests. So, the content and complexity can be modified to suit different players, including children. The game’s for all you brave souls out there, no matter your age or style.