Our Story

Founded in 2011, we are a character-based entertainment company that develops comics, animation, video games, and films. Planet Random represents a lifetime of imagination, and with unprecedented diversity, we produce fantastic stories in the most popular genres and for all ages.

Our Mission

We exist to tell compelling stories. We work multiculturally because we believe that every fan deserves a hero. We give back because communities matter.

Raymond Ayala

We Believe You Belong

I’ve been building this universe since I was eight years old so that more cultures could have the opportunity to be the hero in the stories we love. My passion is rooted in my belief that together with fans, we can build something great that reflects the world we live in.

Raymond Ayala, Creator & CEO

People Powered

Featured Artists

Crowdfunded Projects

H.O.P.E.: Tales of the Nuclear Family

Planet Random Creative was established in Jan 2011, and in 2012 our first Kickstarter project helped introduced the world of HOPE.  Forever grateful for the incredible group of artists and supporters on the H.O.P.E.: Tales of the Nuclear Family project.  Raf, Aaron James, Kim, Fred, Jacob, Diego, Jeff, and the Kickstarter gang – thank you!

Urban Myth the Graphic Novel

We did it! Despite the incredible challenges faced during this campaign – we did it! The Urban Myth campaign is a success because of your belief in this concept and in me. I’m so grateful for your support.

We overcame lots of obstacles including my trusted printing partner forced out of business, many of our artists were signed to Marvel and/or DC comics in the midst of production and last but not least Hurricane Sandy wrecked havoc on my community. No internet, my car destroyed and my family displaced from our home for all but the first and last weeks of the campaign…but that could not stop us.

United Nations Peace Partner

On September 21, 2015, the International Day of Peace, Planet Random Comics launched a brand new champion of world Peace – Kid Impact. Our hero is a young Syrian refugee on an impossible quest to reunite his family in the heart of a war zone. It was an honor to participate as a peace partner and join millions of people around the world in celebrating the International Day of Peace.

Make 100 Heroes

The Make 100 Heroes Kickstarter Campaign was an effort to create the heroes fans believed were missing from comics, animation, and film. We gave fans a seat at the table and the power to make the hero they felt the world needed. The project worked with backers on character story development, visual design, and 3D development.