About Planet Random Creative

Planet Random Creative is an entertainment company that believes that every fan deserves a hero. Our vision is to represent ethnicity in great storytelling and we develop fan favorite characters for comics, licensing and digital media. It’s a fact that in ownership, our creative teams and in our stories, we live and breath multiculturalism at every level and we promise to empower you to, Explore New Worlds and Discover New Heroes™.

Introducing Kid Impact

On September 21, 2015, the International Day of Peace, Planet Random Comics launched a brand new champion of world Peace – Kid Impact. Our hero is a young Syrian refugee who faces his greatest fears on a quest to reunite his family. Together we will bring Kid Impact to the page and share his message of hope with the world. We’re proud to participate in this special event as a peace partner and hope you will join #TEAMIMPACT  and millions of people around the world in celebrating the International Day of Peace.

Urban Myth the Graphic Novel

Urban Myth the Graphic Novel

2012 Kickstarter Campaign We did it! Despite the incredible challenges faced during this campaign – we did it! The Urban Myth campaign is a success because of your belief in…

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