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Fam, welcome to the Creative.

I’m Raymond, a 50-year-old dreamer living in Rockaway, New York, with my wife, Saundra, and our family. My journey includes 20 years in the hood and 30 years in corporate banking—a wild ride filled with curiosity, curveballs, loss, and adventure. From childhood to becoming VP of Operations, creativity is how I survived the struggles, stress, and seriousness.

We all want to have fun, but life gets tough for people of all ages. Things can often feel like a series of gut punches, decisions, and responsibilities, especially as we grow older and take on more roles. But even in this busy whirlwind, I’ve found paths that have helped me navigate through the toughest times—the secret? Finding fun in your heart. It doesn’t take incredible gifts, it doesn’t require hours of mastery, you don’t even need money – just curiosity, and a few baby steps.

Why Creativity Matters

Growing up in an environment that presented more challenges than opportunities, creativity was a way to escape some of the worst life could offer a child. It turned every day into an adventure. Whether crafting stories on my grandmother’s typewriter, sketching heroes on printer paper I coped from school, or making adventures with my friend in empty lots, there was always something hiding in plain sight that could be experienced differently and made into something new.

Me In The 1980s 2

In my late teens, I entered the corporate banking world, and yeah, that’s a whole different story. I didn’t have “creative” jobs at first. These were mostly muted jobs where creativity was discouraged by culture and ambition. However, I found that my creativity never failed me. Instead, while playfulness was squashed, creativity evolved and turned a new professional world into a series of puzzles to solve. This helped me connect with colleagues, create new solutions to work, and build an unexpected career. All good, I’m truly grateful. The problem was that after years of repressing my imagination, I became a different person. I didn’t mean to exchange joy for promotions, selfishness, and anxiety. It was a terrible trade. I don’t think you ever stop being a serious person when life takes that turn, but that doesn’t mean we can’t choose fun.

My family made fun easy, and having children was like building a lighthouse for me.  I honestly had forgotten how good it felt to simply make-believe. Each child brought their own light, and flowing with their interests revealed intersections that made life so much fun for all of us.  Then, one day, I stopped playing video games and started learning how to make them. I stopped reading commercial comics and started making meaningful ones that gave my kids heroes who looked like them. I was working 50-hour weeks, with lots of night school, but moon-lighting story ideas into comics, screenplays, and games created unforgettable experiences for my family and started amazing new journeys.

Creativity is important because it’s how we express who we are. It’s that deep, personal magic that lets us turn our feelings and thoughts into something with form. New ideas or things that satisfy our hearts and that others can see, hear, and feel. It’s not just about making things —it’s about making sense of our experiences, the joy, the pain, everything.

I believe everyone deserves a creative outlet, no matter how serious life has been, or still is. It’s never too late to choose fun, and grow in the magic of discovery.”

When we create, we dig into the very stuff that makes us unique and share a piece of our soul. It’s how we say, “This is me, and this is how I see the world.”  When we play, we explore creativity together and share joy! It’s even better. Through creativity, we find our voice and our courage. It’s healing, it’s revealing, and it can be incredibly liberating to just let go and live without boundaries. And perhaps the best part is that a playful heart is a magnet for other playful hearts, so you’ll find great people along the way.

My creative joys began with art, teaching, and play. In my 40s, I discovered writing, volunteering, and game design. I’m here to help you find your thing. I want to help you turn our time into more joy, fascination, and fulfillment. We all know life can get hectic. Work deadlines, family commitments, and daily errands often leave us feeling drained and with little time for ourselves. But here’s the secret: you don’t need hours of free time to be creative!

But I’m Not Creative

Trust me, you are. But I get it. Sometimes, the thought of being creative feels like a stretch, especially when we compare ourselves to others. But creativity isn’t just one thing—it comes in many forms. Today, creativity is the bravery to take small steps toward what you feel or want to feel. If you doubt that you are creative, no worries. Together, we will build a hundred creativity skills—maybe more. The key? Applying each new skill to things that genuinely excite you.

Together, we will build a hundred creativity skills—maybe more.”

When you try out new skills on things you already love, you boost your confidence in your own ideas. Getting into activities that excite you makes creating easier, fun and experimenting less like work. This means you’re more likely to stick with it and see your skills improve right before your eyes.

I believe creativity is more than a skill—it’s a way of life. It’s about noticing, learning, applying, and improving continuously. Dare to take those baby steps. Each one cranks up your creative volume and proves that creativity isn’t just for the “naturally gifted.” It’s a muscle everyone can develop with a little practice, especially when it’s tied to something you’re passionate about. The more you use it, the stronger it gets!

  • Expect Fresh Perspectives: New skills offer new tools and ways of thinking. Applying them to your passions lets you see your interests in a fresh light, sparking unique ideas and approaches.
  • Level Up Mastery & Confidence: As you learn and practice these skills within your favorite activities, you’ll see improvement. This builds confidence in your creative abilities and a sense of accomplishment that fuels further exploration.

You might not appreciate your creativity right now, but by meshing new skills with your passions, you’ll watch your practical creativity soar, your enjoyment spread, and your creative confidence skyrocket.

Skill #001: Brainstorming

Let’s start with brainstorming—you know this! This is where we collect ideas and make lists without worrying about whether they’re good or not. Yes, you heard me.  Creativity is a judgment-free zone, so just flow and capture. Use your phone, use paper and pencil, whatever works for you. Brainstorming opens the door to new possibilities, allowing us to explore ideas without limits. Brainstorming works. It’s a great skill when you’re by yourself and an even better tool when working with others because you can build on each other’s thoughts and discover ideas we might never have missed otherwise.

Creativity is the bravery to take small steps toward what you feel or want to feel.”

Here are three quick tips to kickstart your brainstorming:

  • Go for quantity: The more ideas, the better.
  • Don’t judge: Just get them out.
  • Encourage wild ideas: Sometimes, the crazier ideas lead to the most creative solutions.

Finding Your Joys

What about you? Maybe you have a story idea nagging at you, a vision of art stuck in your imagination, or perhaps you simply want more laughter and connection in your life. Whatever it is, say it out loud, tell someone it’s what you want to do, and write it down. There’s a creative outlet waiting for you. I can help, so let’s get it!

You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club.” – Jack London.

Now, dust off an old hobby: Remember that guitar collecting dust in the corner? Or maybe those sketchbooks from your youth? Give them a second chance! No hobbies yet? What entertains you? Review your favorite book, TV show, or movie – then write down what you liked about it.

Start with 10 minutes of brainstorming daily (in bed!): Don’t feel pressured to figure out life overnight. Like everything we’ll do, enjoy the process. Set aside 10 minutes before you get out of bed in the morning or before you sleep at night, to write, doodle, or simply brainstorm ideas. Even tiny ideas can lead to big fun.

Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to be creative.

The most important thing is to start, experiment, and give yourself permission to be playful on purpose.

Let me know! In the comments below, share your biggest creative challenge or a recent creative inspiration.

Together, let’s rediscover the joy of being creative and play, no matter how busy life gets!


Let’s have some fun!

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