Planet Random is committed to fostering hope and positive change within the communities we represent.

Together with fans, we turn comics into food, medicine, and education for children in need worldwide.

Respected International Partners

Months of Sponsorships


million children living in extreme poverty


In Eswatini

We work hand-in-hand with local community leaders to care for over 300 children daily. We help provide educational supplies and training, fund meals, participate in advocacy campaigns, provide clothing, and provide clean and safe water. Our longterm goal in Eswatini is the construction of a much-need orphanage and the development of micro-business to assist in economic transformation.


In Honduras

We help provide medical checkups, nutritious food, health and hygiene training, educational assistance, access to special services like surgeries and disaster relief and mentoring.


In Uganda

We help provide educational support, construct and equip schools and health centers, train health workers and farmers, participate in advocacy campaigns, distribute improved crop varieties and animal breeds, and provide clean and safe water.


In India

We are supporting young girls with medical and special needs to ensure that every child is able to receive quality care, nutritious meals and a safe place to call home.


In the United States

We help provide school supplies to public school students and food and life necessities to families.

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