Planet Random Comics introduces a new universe designed to thrive where the big companies struggle

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Planet Random Comics introduces a new universe designed to thrive where the big companies struggle

Contact: Raymond Ayala
Planet Random Comics


NEW YORK, New York – Planet Random Comics, a new independent, is building a comic book universe to entertain and reflect the changing world we live in. This small company is launching a big idea with 4 titles that range across genres and feature a rich collection of multicultural characters. Working with both veteran and emerging talent, Planet Random Comics is making strides towards establishing a new generation of heroic icons.

The New York based company is investing its best ideas, resources and talent into building relationships with traditional and divergent audiences. As new creators free from the constraints of larger companies and old paradigms, Planet Random is committed to connecting with broader audiences by producing great characters and comics that will represent them., the official website of Planet Random Comics, introduces its 2012 lineup with H.O.P.E.: Tales of the Nuclear Family, a sci-fi adventure series, Urban Myth, a new superhero world featuring a gritty and contemporary cast, Pugnacious, a street fighter’s anthology based on urban realities and Living Blight, a horror and fantasy based action series. All titles exist within the shared Planet Random Universe.

Vision and cultural relevance are key drivers for Creative Director and founder Raymond Ayala. “I’ve been building this universe since I was eight years old and it’s always been about telling cool stories. The Planet Random Universe is about imagination and possibilities, the multiculturalisms just happen. Each concept grows organically, evolving through an integrating of elements from my environments, surrounding cultures and history. My passion is rooted in my belief that together with fans and other creators, we can build something great from the ground up that reflects the world we live in.”

For further information please visit or connect with Planet Random Comics at or twitter @PlanetRandomNet.


Planet Random Comics


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