Founder & Chief Storyteller

As Chief Storyteller, I weave stories for TV, film, comics, and games. I work multiculturally because every fan deserves a hero they can relate to. Planet Random Creative is the place where I dream, and at the heart of my work is a multiverse that has been my life’s canvas. From sketches on library copy paper to stories typed on my grandmother’s typewriter, the Planet Random Universe has been a lifelong creation.

It was in 2011 that I found the courage to share my stories with the world. I found my way, and the community taught me that storytelling is more than crafting narratives; it’s about connecting with people, sharing experiences, and inspiring others. Now, after 29 years in corporate,  I’ve pivoted to focus solely on this creative endeavor. It’s a chapter initiated late, but it’s just in time for me. So, I hope you join me on this adventure because I’m all in for as long as I can, and I promise to deliver nothing but my best.

Away from the creative grind, my world revolves around family antics, wellness, and volunteering weekly at the Legacy Center in Queens. I’m also into basketball, jiu-jitsu, graphic design, and indie gaming.