To the worlds’ most famous superheroes, the Skye Family, protecting Cloud City from the mischievous Naughtybots™ is easy – it’s saving their children from boredom that’s hard work.

Fly Preschool is an entertaining game that invites preschool-aged children to soar the skies with the Skye Family. Fly Preschool helps Preschoolers learn the alphabet and numbers using fun learning exercises. Unique educational interactive superhero adventures where preschoolers master their ABCs!

Understanding the letters of the alphabet is an essential first step in learning to read. Using the power of comic storytelling, our heroes, the amazing Skye Family host and guide preschool learners through each activity, providing help, secrets tips, and encouragement. Fly Preschool provides colorful settings, fresh and multicultural superhero characters and comic book style fun in a side-scrolling arcade game environment.