Kid Impact™

Dawood, a young Syrian, fleeing the violence and death within his homeland, finds himself in an entirely new warzone on a quest to reunite what is left of his family.…

Epic Allstars™

From the world of Urban Myth, join Alpha, Victory, Urbanite, Kid Impact, Maiko & Skylar, a team of mostly middle school superheroes, as they save the world from magical menaces…
Fly created by Raymond Ayala


To the worlds’ most famous superheroes, the Skye Family, protecting Cloud City from the mischievous Naughtybots™ is easy – it’s saving their children from boredom that’s hard work. Fly Preschool…

The New Olympians™

Four 20-something friends with the powers of Olympus navigate the pitfalls of life, family, and being the first superheroes in a modern world of magic.


To save her kid brother, Joy Darling sparks a revolution in the corrupted land of make-believe.

Tales of the Nuclear Family™

The future’s deadliest mercenary begins a new life as father and protector. These are post-apocalyptic adventures featuring a loving family of heroes surviving together in an unforgiving wasteland.